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Group created on 28/09/2013 by Bitcoiner

First Bitcoin Robot Performance Update

link this post written on 29/09/2013
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Hi Ladies and Gentleman..

I seriously apologize if you tried to checkout the bitcoin robot and came to a blank or not loading website!

Bitcoin Robot

Hackers that do not want us to profit by operating a bitcoin robot attacked the site right when dmitry and his staff launched it to the public.. preventing 90% of the intrested people from obtaining a money making copy..

Over 30,000 people are in the draw so to be honest the chances are quite small to get a license, but still .. nothing to lose, no strings attached..

The DDOS attack against bitcoin profit makers may have slowed down our site but made us realize how good the robot actually is. We are glad to report that everyone who installed the robot is already in PROFIT!

Bitcoin Robot

That`s just how powerful this robot is!!.. the few of you that were able to get trough and activate a copy have incredible stories to report!

This guy Brian R. sent me the following!

Hey, I wanted to thank you for introducing me to this bitcoin robot! It's the real deal bro!!

At first site was real slow and it wouldn't load and I was ready to start bitching at the support center but eventually we got sorted and as the robot is on its own server (included in the platinum price tag!)) it made me already 30 usd and that since yesterday! This is !&%! Im up 14 usd today aswell and I trade with just 3 Bitcoins (320 usd or so )!

Thank you a thousand times!!

Youre my man,

Brian R.


I got alot of messages about the site not loading but those that MADE it all sing the same song.. its an AMAZING piece of software so if you tried to get it you have the chance to do so now!!

Don`t miss out.. Im getting a copy myself right NOW


Unpublished 33 page Bitcoin Book for free... your download is waiting!

Ps: site is still a little bit wobbly but they work on it as we speak and as said your own robot will sit on another machine making it hacker proof make sure get Gold or Platinum with Trading vps for smoother trading.

First customers already started trading and we already have profitable results from them!!! We are glad to report everyone who installed is winning with BTC Robot.

BTC Robot

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